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About the DDC

The Diné Development Corporation (“DDC”) is a proactive business corporation established by the Navajo Nation Council in 2004 as a holding company to establish, invest in, own, and operate subsidiary corporations. DDC is wholly owned by the Navajo Nation.

• DDC is governed by an independent seven-member Board of Directors appointed by the shareholder representatives of the Navajo Nation.

• DDC is governed by its Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, which authorize DDC to operate as an independent business entity to enter into contracts, loans, joint ventures, partnerships, and other instruments to establish subsidiary companies.

• DDC operates under a corporate strategic plan and due diligence standards for approving new corporations.

• Nova Corporation set the foundation for the formation of DDC subsidiaries in 2004.

• DDC and Nova were established in 2004 with initial capitalization from the Business and Industrial Development Fund of the Navajo Nation.

• DDC successfully used SBA 8(a) certification for its subsidiary companies.

• In 2011, two more subsidiaries were developed under DDC, Diné Development Corporation Information Technology Services (DDC-ITS) and Diné Development Corporation Construction Services (DDC-CS).

• NOVA Corporation successfully graduated from the 8(a) certification program in 2014.

• In 2016, DDC hired its first Navajo Chief Executive Officer, Austin Tsosie.

• In the fall of 2016, DDC capitalized the two subsidiaries, BRIC and Diné Source.

• DDC-ITS and DDC-CS will graduate from the 8(a) certification program in 2020, or earlier if DDC-ITS and/or DDC-CS reach the SBA revenue benchmark, whichever comes first.

• DDC presently has five subsidiary companies.

• Pursue business alliances for competitive/high value opportunities in the global marketplace.

• Extend our influence and access to capital and contracts through joint ventures, partnerships, new networks, and outreach to interested parties.


The Diné Development Corporation (DDC) is a for-profit corporation created and wholly owned by the Navajo Nation. DDC is the holding company for several subsidiary companies.

DDC is seeking qualified individuals, including members of the Navajo Nation, to serve on its seven-member Board of Directors. Candidates must possess the requisite qualifications established by the DDC Board of Directors. Successful candidates shall be nominated for confirmation by the DDC Shareholder Representatives.

The deadline for submission of a resume and application is June 9, 2017.

Jocelyn at (928) 814-1790 may be contacted for any questions.

Board Qualifications Document
Board of Directors Application