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We are a Navajo Nation owned firm that provides advanced research, development, and rapid prototyping of solutions using state-of-the-art and emerging technologies that solve the most challenging intelligence and cyber related problems facing the Intelligence Community (IC) and broader military customers. 

We Specialize In

  • Hybrid Solutions Rapid Prototyping, Research & Development
  • Advance Data Harvesting & Analytics
  • Offensive and Defensive Cyber Security Research & Tool Development
  • Enterprise Hybrid Network Research & Development
  • Innovative Software Solutions Development

Members of the Seventh Emergence team have extensive experience integrating, reverse engineering, and interfacing both legacy and modern software/hardware computing systems to solve our customer’s most challenging problems. Our rapid prototyping capability creates advanced solutions using state-of-the-art/emerging technologies to help solve some of the most challenging problems facing the Intelligence and broader military communities. We leverage our specific insight into the problems and issues our customers face on a daily basis for developing technologies, capabilities, and solutions that customers actually want and need in support of their mission.

  • Legacy Systems Reverse Engineering 
  • SW/HW Hybrid Solutions Prototyping & Development 


Members of our team have developed and managed large data analytic projects for the IC supporting trillions of data records, with 10’s of thousands of users with hundreds of unique analytics. We develop high performance data collection systems using advance query technologies to enhance the user’s understanding of the target environment and usage experience. We also utilize our expert knowledge of security, legal, and policy requirements to ensure that applications meet the highest security and privacy standards. We implement data processing pipelines that collect from a wide array of sensor types and subsequently employ the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) techniques in support of high-level analytics analysis. We also perform rapid prototyping and development with OpenCV for self-driving vehicles, LIDAR analysis, as well as the post-processing of Wi-Fi data in very unique ways. 

  • Unique Data Collection Sensor Research & Development 
  • Analytics Pipeline Development 

Our team has a broad background in both offensive and defensive cyber security having shaped these areas over the decades of experience across the team. We understand cyber threat modeling as well as offensive operations so we can apply that experience to develop robust security-focused applications and systems. We develop full AAA applications that meet the highest Dept of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) security standards and have the requisite experience and knowledge to tailor security policies to the specific applications being developed. We leverage the latest security practices to develop new techniques for securing applications throughout the entire development lifecycle. 

  • Security Protocol Research and Development 
  • Security Management Techniques and Practices Implementation 
  • Encryption Technology Algorithm Development/Implementation (AES, RSA, HMAC, etc.) 
  • Offensive/Defensive Cyber Tool Development  

Our team has extensive experience prototyping and implementing a wide variety of wireless, enterprise, and low level IoT-focused networks. We develop, research, reverse engineer, and even simulate wireless networking protocols to include, but not limited to, Wi-Fi, Cellular (3G, 4G LTE and some initial 5G efforts), Bluetooth, Zigbee, and LoRa. We develop small- and large-scale enterprise networks leveraging the latest 100G and Infiniband networking technologies using a multi-vendor approach to include Juniper, Cisco, Ubiquity, and other networking and security vendor systems. We have the capability to develop advance software defined networking systems that overlay enterprise networks to leverage large scale multi-tier Docker and/or virtualized (VMWare) systems and applications.  

  • Hybrid Network Development and Integration 
  • Advance Containerization Techniques 
  • Enterprise Virtualization 
  • FaaS Development and Integration 

The Seventh Emergence Team is experienced at all tiers of software development from architecture to low-level hardware machine coding. We work on both large enterprise data center environments or cloud-based systems to embedded/microcontroller systems like Raspberry Pi or Arduino. We integrate “Dockerized” high level software, written in Go or Node JS, with low-level hardware like mobile devices, software defined radios, SCADA hardware, or even custom circuits to accomplish a variety of tasks to support customer mission needs. We architect and design innovative applications leveraging the latest technologies while simultaneously interfacing with and/or enhancing legacy technologies that may still be needed to accomplish mission needs and objectives. The Seventh Emergence Team has the unique ability and experience to quickly understand new topics of interest and subsequently rapidly prototype innovative solutions to solve our customer’s most complex problems. 

  • Software Define Radio (SDR) Application Development 
  • Embedded/Microcontroller R&D
  • Legacy Systems Integration and “Wrapper” development

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