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Seventh Emergence is an advanced cyber research, development, and rapid prototyping company that provides defense and intelligence communities with leading-edge solutions to power our clients’ critical missions. Employing state-of-the-art and emerging technologies, our team develops client-driven solutions that address complex cyber challenges facing our customers.

We Specialize In

A primary focus of Seventh Emergence’s R&D efforts centers on developing high-performance, low-power edge computing capabilities which includes the integration of different types of remote sensing devices with high-performance edge computing platforms.  We also design, develop, and integrate the underlying network infrastructure along with prototyping and implementing the various interfaces and protocols required for end-to-end integration of such systems.

  • Tactical edged sensor prototyping and development
  • HW/SW hybrid edge compute platform integration
  • Proof-of-concept research and demonstration
  • Edge computing full system integration

We develop high performance data collection systems using advance query technologies to enhance the user’s understanding of the target environment and usage experience. We implement data processing pipelines that collect from a wide array of sensor types and subsequently employ the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) techniques in support of high-level analytics analysis.

  • Data collection and pre-processing
  • Advance analytics pipeline development

Our team has a broad background in both offensive and defensive cyber security having shaped these areas over the decades of experience across the team. We understand cyber threat modeling as well as offensive operations so we can apply that experience to develop robust security-focused applications and systems. We develop full AAA applications that meet the highest Dept of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) security standards and have the requisite experience and knowledge to tailor security policies to the specific applications being developed. We leverage the latest security practices to develop new techniques for securing applications throughout the entire development lifecycle. 

  • Offensive and defensive cyber R&D 
  • Security management techniques and practices implementation 
  • Encryption technology algorithm integration

Featured Projects

Configurable Hybrid Edge/Implant System (CHI)

The CHI system is a small form factor hybrid hardware/software system that can be deployed across diverse environments in support of a broad set of mission objectives ranging from passive signals data collection to cyber network operations.

Advanced Prototyping & Research Lab (APRIL)

The APRIL system is located within the Odenton facility, the APRIL Phase I buildout was completed in December of 2021 allowing us to perform advanced R&D and proof-of-concept demonstrations.

Automated Personnel Identification & Authentication (APIA)
The APIA System is an innovative capability that centers on automated Human Identification and Authentication.  When integrated with autonomous robotic systems, the combined capabilities of human detection, location, and authentication, provide provides automated and continuous roaming security extending the range for monitoring secured and off-limits areas and facilities while simultaneously reducing personnel costs. The system offers a fully automated multi-factor authentication and access control capability whereby the user is identified and authenticated without the need for the user to physically interact with the security system.

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