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DDC Sponsorship Opportunities

YÁ'ÁT'ÉÉH (Greetings)

At the heart of DDC’s social responsibility framework lies our philanthropy program, dedicated to uplifting and empowering the Navajo Nation and the communities we serve. Guided by DDC’s vision, this program is designed to contribute to the sustained prosperity of the Navajo Nation for future generations. Our philanthropic initiative revolves around three key principles: community contributions, support for Navajo Veterans, and Abandon Uranium Mine clean up efforts within the Navajo Nation. Led by a dedicated committee of DDC employees appointed by CEO, Austin Tsosie, this initiative is meticulously managed, overseeing all sponsorship requests and maintaining a transparent, responsive process.

Program Focus Areas


Contact us to at ddcdonations@ddc-dine.com to request philanthropic contributions

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Contribution Request Process

Contribution Request

Submit contribution request letter and supporting documents to DDC Philanthropy Committee six (6) weeks prior to event at ddcdonations@ddc-dine.com

Committee Review

DDC Program Project Manager provides acknowledgement receipt to requestor and notifies committee of submission. Committee convenes for review and approval

Decision Notice

Decision notice issued by Project Manager. If awarded, the Project Manager will provide next steps to obtain necessary documents and process request

Vendor Registration

Committee provides new vendors with documentation to submit for registration

2023 Recipients At a Glance