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BRIC Launches New Brand Identity

For immediate release – October 14, 2021 – Window Rock, Arizona. BRIC, LLC, a Diné Development Corporation (DDC) company, launches its new brand identity. The rebrand aligns with DDC’s strategic diversification of service offerings and global footprint while asserting its dedication to the advancement of the Navajo Nation.

The reinspired brand identity fuels BRIC’s commitment to fostering cultural and environmental sustainability to ensure the preservation of our world’s valued assets. BRIC’s team will continue to deliver a comprehensive suite of environmental compliance, natural resource management, and heritage preservation solutions while honoring the Navajo legacy of environmental stewardship.  

BRIC’s logo is inspired by the Diné, or Navajo people, who have supremely valued cultural sustainment and land preservation throughout history. The brand mark represents the fletching of an arrow that maintains stability and accuracy. The arrow depicts the Indigenous livelihood of sustenance and protection that allowed the Navajo to overcome arduous battles to ensure a sustainable future for their People. While the diamond signifies the Diné’s steadfast relationship with the universe, the arrow embodies the Navajo storied perseverance that continues to advance BRIC and DDC family of companies in commitment to the Navajo Nation.

“BRIC fosters the Diné legacy of natural resource management and heritage preservation to advance the objectives of the government and private sectors,“ stated Austin Tsosie, DDC Chief Executive Officer. “The company’s new brand identity highlights its multidisciplinary team that continues to offer an extensive and proven record of excellence in support of its clients nationwide.”

“DDC’s environmental companies are pivotal components of our growth journey as we strive for market penetration and diversification,“ said Dan Riggs, DDC Chief Strategy Officer. “BRIC’s rebrand is a result of sustained success with a reinspired central focus on strategic expansion. We look forward to the company’s bright future.”

BRIC is led by Allan Stoddard, President, and team out of the Albuquerque, New Mexico office.

BRIC delivers a comprehensive suite of sustainable solutions that foster the preservation of cultural and environmental assets in support of public and private sector clients. Through extensive expertise and proven performance, its multidisciplinary team provides natural resource management, heritage preservation, and environmental compliance expertise that honor the Navajo legacy of environmental stewardship. BRIC is a Tribally owned subsidiary of Diné Development Corporation (DDC), a family of companies that provides government agencies and commercial organizations with high-quality IT, professional, and environmental services. For more information about BRIC and DDC’s family of companies, visit www.bric-dine.com.


Contact: Jocelyn Billy-Upshaw, Director of Marketing | jocelyn.billy-upshaw@ddc-dine.com

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