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DDC Presents $500,000 Dividend to the Navajo Nation 

Window Rock, AZ – September 12, 2023 – Diné Development Corporation (DDC), a Navajo Nation owned family of companies, presented a $500,000 dividend to the Navajo Nation on September 8. DDC CEO, Austin Tsosie, addressed a Navajo crowd prior to the check presentation to President, Dr. Buu Nygren, at the 75th Annual Navajo Nation Fair Rodeo, reaffirming the company’s commitment to supporting and empowering the Navajo People and their rich heritage. 

As one of the largest tribal fairs in the country, the Navajo Nation Fair serves as a platform for celebrating Navajo culture, tradition, and resilience. This year’s fair theme, “Leading Generations of Diné Perseverance and Craftsmanship,” aligns with DDC’s mission to advance the Navajo legacy through its teams’ dedication to its clients and the Navajo Nation. The dividend reinforces the commitment to strengthening the bond between the enterprise and the Navajo Nation through shared goals.  

“We are privileged to stand alongside the Navajo Nation in its endeavors, and this contribution is a testament to our enduring partnership,” stated Tsosie. “DDC is committed to supporting the Navajo Nation’s vision for a secure future by providing innovative solutions to the federal, tribal, and state markets we serve.” 

The dividend will contribute to the Nation’s advancement through projects supporting infrastructure, health care, and other critical functions. Sixty percent will be allocated to the Nation’s general fund and forty percent will be slated for the business industry development fund. DDC’s continued economic development efforts further its mission to inspire change for future generations of Navajo People.  

About Diné Development Corporation 

Since 2004, Diné Development Corporation (DDC) has been committed to providing government agencies and commercial organizations with high-quality IT, professional, and environmental services. Wholly owned by the Navajo Nation, we push the boundaries of growth to continually improve upon our record of extraordinary service. We strive to deliver exceptional solutions while empowering the Navajo Nation and advancing communities across the world.  


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