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Calista Pinnecoose Named DDC Executive Director of Client and Navajo Engagement

Diné Development Corporation (DDC) is pleased to announce that Calista Pinnecoose was named Executive Director of Client and Navajo Engagement. As a new position for the company, the role was developed to reshape DDC’s Navajo cultural perspective and value implementation to address unique client and partner engagements. Supporting Rich Aldridge, Executive Vice President of Global Strategy, Ms. Pinnecoose will manage the strategic implementation of cultural immersion through DDC’s client portfolio across the defense, civilian, and state and tribal government markets. She will also support the company’s Navajo social responsiveness initiatives, which advance DDC’s mission to empower the Navajo Nation and its People. 

Ms. Pinnecoose transitions to the role as founder of North Stone, LLC, whereby she became the first Navajo woman to serve as president of a DDC company. Under her leadership, Ms. Pinnecoose built the company as a client-trusted IT service provider with contracts across the defense market. She grew North Stone’s portfolio as a Tribal 8(a) company and developed its Value-Added Reseller (VAR) practice.   

Prior to her role as North Stone President, Ms. Pinnecoose pioneered the DDC Leadership Program, DDC University, formed to build and shape American Indian leaders. Through its growth, the program has sculpted employees into leaders across the organization. In 2020, she was named to the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED) 40 Under 40, which recognizes emerging American Indian leaders from across the country.  

“The transition marks a pivotal point in my journey with DDC,” stated Pinnecoose. “It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I embark on this new role, fully embracing the exciting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Equally important is the transition of Scott McKee, a professional of exceptional caliber who brings a wealth of expertise to North Stone. I look forward to the future of DDC as we build a world-class organization dedicated to the Navajo Nation.” 

Scott McKee, President of Diné Source, LLC, will assume the dual position as North Stone President. Under his purview, Diné Source has achieved success in the defense market with notable programs across the U.S. Air Force, Army, and DISA. Mr. McKee has grown the company into a leading federal IT service provider, and he will leverage the strength and experience of his team to build on North Stone’s reputation as a trusted Tribal partner.  

“Through continued growth and outstanding success, Ms. Pinnecoose’s achievements have not only left lasting impacts on our organization, but also the greater federal contracting industry, said Austin Tsosie, DDC Chief Executive Officer. “Her achievements have created tremendous opportunities and sustainable solutions for the Navajo Nation. As an exceptional leader and inspiring visionary, Ms. Pinnecoose will continue to thrive in her new role as we welcome Mr. McKee to the position. We are grateful for our steadfast leadership team that is dedicated to inspiring change as we build a brighter future for our clients, partners, and the Navajo Nation.” 

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