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Diné Development Corporation Delivers $300,000 Dividend to the Navajo Nation

Window Rock, Arizona, For Immediate Release, March 03, 2022 -Diné Development Corporation (DDC) delivered a $300,000 dividend to the Navajo Nation based on the DDC Board of Directors’ year-end dividend declaration confirmed in January 2022. The contribution designated $180,000 for the Navajo Nation General Fund and $120,000 for the Business and Industrial Development Fund (BIDF). The year-end dividend for calendar year 2021 follows an August 2021 $300,000 dividend delivery.

DDC CEO, Austin Tsosie, presented Navajo Nation President, Jonathan Nez, and Vice President, Myron Lizer, with the dividend and discussed DDC family of companies’ latest news and continued support for the Navajo Nation. “Thank you for remembering your commitment to the Navajo Nation as an enterprise,” stated President Nez. “It is great to see the investment in both the General and Business Industrial Development Funds.”

Austin Tsosie also visited Navajo Nation Speaker, Seth Damon, and Tribal Council Delegates to socialize the dividend. “DDC has by far been a constant contributor to the Navajo Nation receiving dividends,” shared Speaker Damon. “I think [Austin] and team are awesome because you have taken on the responsibility and are continuing to help support the General Fund, especially at times like this when we are still trying to make up for deficiencies. Thank you very much.” 

“This dividend, in particular, is vital to building the Navajo People’s morale,” stated CEO Tsosie. “The Nation has faced setbacks over the last two years, but today, the People’s hopes are renewed that their enterprises are working for them. DDC’s team members continue to be inspired and driven by our mission knowing that we are planting purposeful seeds for the Navajo Nation’s growth.”    

Since 2004, Diné Development Corporation (DDC) has been committed to providing government agencies and commercial organizations with high-quality IT, professional, and environmental services. Wholly owned by the Navajo Nation, we push the boundaries of growth to continually improve upon our record of extraordinary service. We strive to deliver exceptional solutions while empowering the Navajo Nation and advancing communities across the world. For more information about DDC and our family of companies, visit www.ddc-dine.com.

Contact: Jocelyn Billy-Upshaw, Director of Marketing | jocelyn.billy-upshaw@ddc-dine.com