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Diné Development Corporation Acquires Entrepreneurs Building in Dayton’s Tech Town Campus

Dayton, OhioNovember 22, 2023 – Diné Development Corporation (DDC) is thrilled to announce it acquired the 714 Monument Street building in Dayton, Ohio. This acquisition marks a pivotal moment in both DDC and Dayton’s ushering of innovation and economic growth to the heart of the city.

As a Navajo Nation owned corporation, DDC builds upon the innovative legacy of the Navajo Code Talkers as a driving force to advance its clients missions and the future of the Navajo Nation. “Innovation is ingrained in our DNA,” emphasized Dale Ward, DDC Executive Vice President of Innovation. Innovation also serves as Dayton’s lifeblood, boasting a rich history of pioneering figures including Charles Kettering, Edward Deeds, John Patterson, and the famed Wright Brothers. The entrepreneurs building is located in Dayton’s expanding Tech Town campus, holding immense opportunity for continued growth in technology. DDC’s acquisition of the building, fueled by Dayton Development Coalition’s tax credit and a JobsOhio grant bringing 100 jobs to the city, highlights its unwavering commitment to building a brighter future for its people and communities. DDC Chief Operating Officer, Jackie Murray, expressed the company’s dedication to bringing jobs and growth to the city. “We firmly believe that this investment is not only worthwhile, but also underscores our dedication to Dayton’s future.”

“Having a dynamic technology company like Diné Development Corporation in the heart of downtown Dayton is a great win for the region,” said Dayton Development Coalition Executive Vice President of Regional Development Julie Sullivan. “This project will not only grow DDC’s presence within the region but will redevelop an underutilized building in downtown Dayton.”

DDC serves a broad client base supporting the critical missions of federal defense and civilian agencies. With key Department of Defense customers in the Dayton region, including the Headquarters of Air Force Material Command, Air Force Research Laboratory, National Air and Space Intelligence Center, and Air Force Institute of Technology, DDC’s family of companies plays an instrumental role in supporting the warfighter through the delivery of innovative technology solutions. The acquisition marks a significant milestone in DDC’s 20-year journey as it continues to invest in the missions of our clients and communities.

“DDC is proud to partner with the City of Dayton and JobsOhio to advance urban renewal and growth in the Dayton community,” stated Dan Riggs, DDC Chief Growth and Strategy Officer. “We are looking forward to integrating into Tech Town as we continue to provide leading solutions for mission-critical operations.”

As a Navajo-owned business, DDC upholds the values of resourcefulness, adaptability, resilience, and innovation. The contributions of the Navajo Code Talkers, pivotal in altering the course of World War II, are significant to the company’s deeply rooted mission, infusing inspirational momentum into the partnership. DDC is immensely proud to dedicate the 714 Monument Street building to these exceptional individuals’ spirit to protect the future of the Navajo People and the world.

“Dayton Development Coalition plays a key role in urban development and transformation,” stated Austin Tsosie, DDC Chief Executive Officer. “This collaborative endeavor underscores the importance of partnership between state and local governments and industry that fuels the growth and prosperity of our communities. We are honored to partner with Dayton Development Coalition to promote growth and opportunity not only for Dayton, OH, but also for the Navajo Nation and its People.”

About DDC

Since 2004, Diné Development Corporation (DDC) has been committed to providing government agencies with leading IT, professional, and environmental solutions. DDC was designed by the Navajo Nation Council to push the boundaries of growth to continually improve upon our record of extraordinary service. We strive to deliver exceptional solutions while advancing the Navajo Nation and communities we serve. DDC has an office location in Beavercreek, OH

About Tech Town

Tech Town’s roots date back to 2000 initiated upon CityWide Development Corporation conducting a detailed analysis on the 40-acre downtown area. 23 years later, the campus ecosystem serves as a hub of technology designed to encourage IT innovation through collaboration and commercialization. For more information on the campus, please visit daytontechtown.com.


For more information on DDC and the acquisition, please contact Jennifer Creamer, DDC Chief of Staff, at jennifer.creamer@ddc-dine.com. For press related inquiries, please contact DDC Jocelyn Billy-Upshaw, Director of Marketing, at jocelyn.billy-upshaw@ddc-dine.com.

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