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DDC and Family of Companies Celebrate Twenty Years of Excellence

Window Rock, AZFebruary 2, 2024 – In the spirit of the young Navajo enlisted to protect “nihimá nahasdzáán” to ensure a future for his People, Diné Development Corporation (DDC) was founded in 2004 by the Navajo Nation. Inspired by the Navajo legacy, DDC was called to fulfill its mission by protecting critical data and preserving valuable resources across the United States. Like the Diné, DDC’s twenty-year journey has been characterized by resilience, innovation, and growth.

Since its incorporation, the organization has expanded into a dynamic portfolio of nine subsidiaries encompassing 700+ employees that deliver leading IT, professional, and environmental solutions. Serving more than 250 unique customers throughout its twenty years, DDC’s family of companies has powered the missions of federal agencies and Tribal governments while transforming the future of defense, healthcare, homeland security, intelligence, and environmental management.

DDC’s strategic growth has been marked by momentous milestones: the formation and acquisition of new companies, refinement of capabilities, expansion into markets, award of significant contracts, and achievement of Tribal and industry certifications. Instrumental to this growth has been the key relationships built with customers and partners who have believed in DDC’s mission and trusted its team in leading change. At the heart of DDC’s success is its people – their expertise, commitment to its mission, and dedication to its customers has enabled the organization to thrive in an evolving industry landscape.

Throughout its history, the family of companies has upheld an unwavering dedication to its mission in building upon the legacy of its shareholders to ensure the sustainable prosperity of the Navajo Nation. As a result, DDC has provided more than $4 million in dividends while directly supporting the improvement of infrastructure, education, and healthcare on the Navajo Nation. Its $11+ million in additional contributions has funded other philanthropic initiatives, ensuring a bright future for its People.

“Our twenty-year journey reflects a strong history of strategic growth and opportunity,” stated DDC CEO, Austin Tsosie. “We are immensely proud to mark this significant milestone while celebrating our vibrant legacy. Through brand transformation and strategic partnerships, we highlight our momentum in advancing our clients and the Navajo Nation. We remain committed to delivering exceptional solutions while empowering future generations.”

Looking ahead, DDC and family of companies are poised to build on their tremendous achievements. With a focus on excellence, innovation, and expansion, the organization is committed to driving change for its customers, the Navajo Nation, and communities it serves. We are Mission Focused. Legacy Inspired. Community Driven. We are DDC.

To commemorate this significant milestone, DDC will be hosting a series of initiatives throughout the year, including community outreach programs, employee engagement events, and customer spotlights. In celebration of the anniversary, be sure to stay tuned for these events and follow our engagements on DDC social media platforms.


For media inquiries, please contact Senior Marketing Manager, Katie von Allmen, at katie.vonallmen@ddc-dine.com.

About DDC

Since 2004, Diné Development Corporation (DDC) has been committed to providing federal agencies and tribal governments with leading IT, professional, and environmental solutions. Wholly owned by the Navajo Nation, we push the boundaries of growth to continually improve upon our record of extraordinary service. We strive to deliver exceptional solutions while empowering the Navajo Nation and advancing communities across the world. 

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