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DDC Dream Catcher – Autumn 2020 Edition

In times past, the cosmos, attributes of the physical world, and natural patterns shaped the Diné’s (Navajo) lives. The Diné recognized the first quarter moon of late September/early October timeframe as the Navajo New Year. The seeds planted in the spring were nourished, protected, maintained, and harvested for consumption. They were prepared for the cold months ahead, traded, and shared with family and community. The planting and harvesting processes were conducted in a unified, collaborative approach to ensure the Diné’s survival and maturation.  

In the spirit of the Navajo New Year, DDC Marketing is proud to release the DDC Dream Catcher – Autumn 2020 Issue. As you take time to immerse yourself in the news and events across our family of companies, you will visualize the interwoven, overarching theme that our organization has entered into a new, transformative stage of business maturation. The DDC family’s collective efforts are strengthening DDC’s modern cosmos and natural patterns, as evident in our development of a revitalized brand and strategic roadmap. Similar to the Diné sprit of teamwork during the harvest, these forward-leaning initiatives advance only through our entire organization’s commitment to a “one team, one fight” approach that DDC CEO, Austin Tsosie, encourages all to embody as we enter the new season.

Wishing you a safe and healthy autumn season!

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