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DDC Dream Catcher June 2019 Issue Volume 1

To the Navajo People, June is the season of the planting of early crops, Ya’iishjááshtsoh. It is a time for the Navajo people to protect their newly planted seeds from invasive plants and animals. Summer ceremonies for healing and protection often bring families and communities together. Prayers are said, songs are sung, and stories are told, especially those of historical events and displays of the Navajo (Diné) people’s resilience. In this communal setting, people are reminded of their talent(s), contributions, mission, and resources to press toward the philosophical mark to ensure all life and living things fulfill its purpose in peace and harmony essential to the continuation of all living species.

In the same Navajo spirit of the season, we are pleased to release the June 2019 issue of the Dream Catcher, the DDC newsletter.

DDC Dream Catcher June 2019 Issue_Volume 1

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