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DDC Dream Catcher – Winter 2021 Issue

In the Navajo culture, winter is a time for the natural world to rest for the upcoming season of activities. Navajo families retreat into their traditional homes known as hóóghan nimází, hogans, to tell and sing their storied histories during the dark and cold nights. This is an annual planning process for the upcoming spring season, Dáán. As family members hear the history, they reflect on the past seasons and are reminded of their hope, plans, and actions that led up to the long nights of reflection of the past and present and vision for the future. The quiet and transformative winter journey rejuvenates and matures the Navajo people for the sun’s upcoming journey across the horizon. The journey is not light, but challenging, adventurous, fulfilling, and necessary in order to ensure the survival of their kin  – their hope and their future.


In the spirit of the Navajo winter, DDC Marketing is proud to release the DDC Dream Catcher – Winter 2021 Issue. Over the past few months, DDC and family of companies reflected on our 17-year storied history. We reimagined “who we are” while aligning with Vision 2025 and embarking on a journey that will lead us through the continued strategic growth and development of our organization. In the winter issue, you will find the reaffirmation of our legacy of excellence and inspiration for opportunity that have paved the way for transformative growth as we usher in the spring season of renewal.


Wishing you a blessed spring season!


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